Environment efforts

Whether driven by altruism or self-interest, or simply our desire to ensure the longevity of this playground called nature, we take intricate measures to minimize our impact on the environment.

Undyed Collection

We have eliminated the most environmentally harmful stage in the production process – dyeing. The Undyed Collection howcases the natural colors of yarns and fibers.

Hemp Seed Raw Material Hardshell Jacket

Each layer is made of plant-based environmentally friendly materials, reducing carbon emissions by 80% compared to traditional hardshell jackets. It breaks through the previous limitation of only using 1 or 2 layers of eco-friendly fabric. The fabric is undyed, presenting the natural off-white color of the fibers, achieving high recycling efficiency through professional recycling and processing, and reducing carbon emissions by 85%, minimizing environmental pollution.

Bio-based and Sustainable

Incorporating recycled materials, HOVER insoles use a proportion of recycled rubber to reduce resource consumption. The outsole features biodegradable materials such as sugarcane and coffee grounds, enhancing the product's degradability.