Researching and developing high-performance yet fairly priced outdoor products

Our mission is to provide gears for all who wish to make connections with nature, helping them enjoy outdoors with comfort and confidence.

Promoting the layering system

We didn't invent the layering system, but we sure feel that more can benifit from it. We are promoting the layering system in an easy to understand method to help everyone enjoy the outdoors more comfortably.

Implementing the (R) × (R) × (R) plan

RECOMMISION by providing lifetime warranty for our products, even if it's wear and tear. REGENERATE by trading in used gears for our store credit. RECRUITMENT by recruiting product testers to ensure our final product is what people really want and need.

Partnering with outdoor experts and adventurers to explore new outdoor routes

We believe the Earth is the biggest playgorund we will ever have, but is no where near fully explored. Partnering with outdoor experts we find, test, and develop, if needed, new routes and destinations.

Exploring of envriomental friendly materials with our supply chain partners

Development of fabrics that are sourced from used clothing, plants, and even garbage. We work extremely in depth with our supply chain partners, by providing our theoretical knowhow and utilizing their production knowhow. We constantly work directly with very upstream raw material suppliers. So far we have bought raw materials such as  copper, seeweed, corn and chemicals in barrels to provide to our downstream manufacturing partners. We aim to make things that we have little use for and convert them into products that are valuable to both our customers and the enviroment.

Partnering with camp sites

Providing diverse playgrounds for outdoor lovers, in which some are ready-to-move-in campsites and others an advanced level of outdoor experiences is needed. We think the best way to fall in love with the outdoors is to try it out.

Building a community for outdoor enthusiasts

Aimed at providing an interest-centered and people-centered community for those who truly feels a connection with the nature. We welcome people from all age, sex, race, religion, just like how nature welcomes all. We hope our members find peace and friendship through our gathertings.


Establish cooperation with local governments to build outdoor infrastructure.

Establish new outdoor routes and paths, setting local outdoor activity standards. Marketing of outdoor destinations in collaborations with local governments. Recycling of used outdoor gear to under-priviliaged families in far-reached communities to build a better outdoor together.

Open offline "Space for Gathering"

Different from traditional retail stores, we wish to open spaces that are designed for the exchange of outdoor experiences and stories, while integrating workshops, lectures and activities. Every one of our official gathering spaces is equipped with all the tools that are needed to repair and modify outdoor gears.

Find new methods to reduce our carbon footprint in the transportation of goods.

The transportation of goods in the global supply chain is often an overlooked stage in the product manufacturing process. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in this stage through optimized route planning, usage of renewable energy powerd modes of transportation, optimized shipping container usage and enviromentally sustainable storage facilites.

Partner with the education system, education organizations and institutions to promote outdoor education in schools.

Cultivating curiosity, encouraging learning in nature, and practicing outdoor knowledge and skills. We believe understanding is the greatest way to protect nature and the lack of outdoor participation is in direct correlation with the lack of outdoor knowledge.

Support and lead causes that are benificial to enviromental protection.

We believe that we need people to stand up against actions that is detrimental to our enviroment, even if it is confrontational.